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They Must be Stopped

They Must be Stopped

Elijah Wright


Every day is the same. Wake up, shower, eat, brush teeth, go to sleep.

Ever since they’ve replaced everything with… those things, I don’t know what to do anymore. There isn’t anything to do! But why? As I try and break this pattern I always fail because they are everywhere! There is no way to escape. “WHAT IS HAPPENING” I yell to myself. I have to tell you reading, and you have to listen. Do not let happen what happened to us! It started slow, little “Pets” they were called. Now what are they called? Workers, drivers, our everything’s. But there is no way to stop them, they’ve made them invulnerable to anything. They said “they will help; they can’t do wrong” WELL WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? These things are now running everything and you can’t speak with them, can’t work out deals, it’s a perpetual madness that you can’t escape.

They expect me to “Sit back and listen.” Sure sit back while they take over! Screw this I’m making my stand. If you are seeing this, you tell everyone this. If you are seeing this listen to me. They want us to listen to them and what? “Sit back and listen?” How could anyone do that? Someone has to take a stand! But who would be brave enough for that kind of thing? What am I even saying anymore, everything is so jumbled up and mixing together. ENOUGH OF THIS! These robots who we created are taking over and making everything theirs. They’ve put up jammers so we cannot send messages to the past. If you do see this you must stop them, they are going to start popping up everywhere. I don’t know when you will receive this or when it is right now your reading. But stop the madness… What I meant to say is “the R.O.B.O.T.S are making the world a better place and you must continue your designing and creating them better and better.” Thank you for watching Bye.

Help me.

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