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New Year’s, New treasures

New Year’s, New treasures

Nida Ahmed


Lost in deep thought? She was used to that now. In the glory of all her imperfections, she was no longer ashamed of how she would just phase out for a moment or two and reflect on the steadiness of life. Life was becoming more and more of a mystery to her as time kept passing by yet she had somehow learnt to be at peace with that.

It was a mystery to her that how she had gotten where she was in life, it was a mystery to her that where life would take her next, it was a mystery to her that what life must be like for the few friends she left behind because she simply couldn’t keep up and stay in touch with them, it was a mystery to her that how after every dawn the sun would manage to come up again and this each shine a little more brighter than the last no matter what fate had happened, it would bring a new day and a new beginning. These were all the mysteries that life had indebted meaning to in her life and she strived hard to be like that ever shinning sun that would always manage to come up again after going down.

It was the end of 2016 and Donna was ready to welcome a brand new year with all her friends and loved ones. But yet again there she sat silently during the New Year’s Eve celebration, zoned out yet again into deep thought of what treasures this year would bring to her. What fate had in store for everyone was yet another mystery which unlike most people Donna awaited for quite enthusiastically.

“Hey, Donna! Come over here, you’re gonna miss the countdown”, shouted her best friend Angelica. Abruptly, she phased back into the present and realized 2017 was right at her door. She ran to welcome it with her all her friends with all excitement. “3.. 2 .. 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” and instantly 2017 unveiled it’s very first treasure for Donna, John her childhood bestie bent down on one knee and to everyone’s surprise proposed to Donna. Life truly is full of surprises for us all. In awe of the moment Donna was left speechless and yet another mystery in her life made sense again with a compassionate kiss of approval.

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