Michael Ezeh


“Five loaves of bread and two fishes for five thousand men?! I thought you knew better”

She snapped.

“Holy smokes! So how come you don’t believe in pixie dust and Aladdin?”




Barnabas!? Don’t dare keep quiet on me! I am just being logical not crackers!


“Lolli, ever since you returned from that carnival you have been sounding like a weirdo, I am coming over to the house, let’s deal with this!” He finally overcame his astonishment and spoke.

“Perfect. Prayers are answered after all” she taunted.

She looked herself up in the mirror for the last time. Rushed to open the door and greeted him with a sizzling smile; she jumped on him with her heavy and tender chest pressing hard on his hard broad chest through her night gown.

“What’s wrong Lolli? You sound like someone I don’t know”

“I am perfect.”

He was sure she isn’t anywhere near perfect.

“Tell me, anything.”

She cocked her head. “Barney if I am in trouble will you save me?”

“Of course!”

“If I ask for a kiss will you give me?”

He hesitated.

“Will you, dearest?”

Softly she said “I have seen enough of your angels, show me your demons” and locked her lips on his. Finally, he got a better feel of her long admired piercing tits. She kissed him more, he groaned in excitement. She gave him a peck on the neck and let out a slight moan, with that, she sank her canines into his luscious flesh.

She crouched in a corner sobbing.

In minutes, his eyes flickered; he hurried to his feet and wandered out of the room like a lost ghost in search of its grave.

She crouched and sobbed the more, knowing a new monster is born.

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