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A touch

A touch

Marijana Bovan


She first felt dizzy. Her head fell slowly  towards her chest. She closed her eyes and thought when this storm would be over so she can finally breath with ease.

It was not the first time she felt like this, giving up from everything. Learning to live after all she went through was not easy.

She loosened up the band, letting her hair flow down her curved back. She sat in the armchair with the book for too long. A shadow past across her short forehead. Pale skin of round cheeks, a color disappeared when her smile did.

You could see her thoughts roaming in her eyes. Partially closed, with no make-up on them, a watery shine was pouring out of them and theirs darkness. The eyes wondered elsewhere.

The lips tightly sealed produced silence, heavier than air.

I walked in the room and carefully knelt in the front of her skinny legs, twitched in a pain that grabbed them, that grabbed whole her body.

-You are my strength.- a voice came from the depth of heart. Not a single movement she made.

-You are my voice. You are my light. You are my dream. Crush my nightmares, please.- she said slowly.

A voice sharper than a broken glass, ripped in pieces, she started again:

-Make me love me, with love i have for you. It is too much for you, isn’t it? The treads i tided around you.-

She only asked for a touch.

Now, as she did when she was a child, a single touch and a smile she only wanted. The ghosts still haunts her.

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